About Us

Our Mission


Back From The Brink aims to improve the lives of as many ‘at risk’ people as possible who have had their lives irrecoverably altered as a result of the loss of their children. We facilitate people to heal emotionally, mentally and physically and to rebuild strong relationships with others across the community, improve their lives and fulfil their potential. Our clients, and mentors reflect vulnerable people from all genders, races, religions, sexuality and age. Our counsellors and sponsors value and respect all of our members non-judgmentally. 

The Team


We are a committee of four trustees sitting on a board who meet 6 times a year and around 20 volunteer therapists and psychotherapists from all over the United Kingdom. We are a not for profit organisation currently undergoing charitable status application.

Due to the fact that many of our volunteers and counsellors have experienced child loss at some time, either directly or indirectly, they have a deep genuine empathetic understanding of the complex issues around: 

· Child protection agencies

· Domestic abuse and child contact arrangements

· Mental health and public perception

· The effects of secondary abuse and cPTDS

· Public, private and criminal law

We are currently funding professional qualification of our counsellors with the Human Givens Institute which promotes a proven scientifically based approach to mental health treatment. To satisfy our insurers we must clearly state that we operate as trainee psychotherapists only. Any therapy given must be done so with the understanding that it is in this capacity only. 


We are always looking for more counsellors to join our team.

We have mentors from a variety of backgrounds who have survived the loss of their children and are now part of the mentor programme. They include:

  • Mothers and fathers 
  • LGBTs 
  • SGOs 
  • Adopter and foster carers 
  • Wider family affected by removal
  • Ethnic minority groups 
  • Traveler community representatives

What We Cannot Do


It is important that you understand that we cannot offer legal advice or suggest how you handle your case. Please seek legal assistance from your local CAB, legal team, a pro bono solicitor or equivalent. Sadly, we understand the impact of what we are saying. We can signpost in these instances only. 

We also regretfully have to point out that we cannot become involved with getting your children back to you or facilitate contact in any way. We are painfully aware of the difficulties that this presents to clients as they grapple with the realities of family court. 

We cannot pay for or engage in interests of loans, legal fees, therapies outside of BFTB therapy, service use costs, costs related to access e.g supervised contact, political or religious activities. 

We cannot offer medical advice of any sort. Medical assistance is often patient led giving you the freedom to manage your own treatment. Please seek assistance from your medical team who will discuss your options with you. 

We are a non political/religious/profit-making organisation. 

We cannot act outside of our insurance and Terms and Conditions parameters. For full details of our policies please see our T & C's and Policies section.

Recent CPD Training attended and lectures given

To support our clients and fully understand what they are going through, our team regularly attend CPD training to understand current and incoming new legislation, political agenda and thinking, keep abreast of mental health breakthroughs and keep our ear to the floor with anything that might benefit clients. We also deliver lectures to vulnerable people and professional communities who wish to broaden their awareness and effectiveness in supporting these vulnerable people.

Some recent training we have attended has been:

Woman on Fire Redefining Working in Wellness Wellness With Women May 2019

Compassion Focused Therapy Explored – An ESSENTIAL Coaching Paradigm Shelly Prosko

Why Blood Sugar Management is ESSENTIAL For Management of Menopause Symptoms Claire Snowdon-Darling

From Grief to Grit – Helping Mothers Deal with Loss Sofie Jacobs

Wednesday 8th January 2019 Prevent Training Update

Wednesday 30th January  2019 Team Mental Health Awareness 

Wednesday 13th March 2019  Children in school and their SEND provision

Coercive Control conference Professor Evan Stark lecture Goldsmiths University of London 24th Nov 2018

Thursday 11th October 2018 Supporting Students with revision Nick Osborne  Tuesday 6th November 2018 EAA Evidence  Tuesday 4th December 2018 T (Technical) Levels    Steve Battersby, Y College

Child Protection Conference Conway Hall 2018

The Use of Experts In Family Court September Legal Education Foundation 2018

Level 2 Mental Health in Vulnerable Adults September 2018 - Feb 2019

Overcoming Trauma and PTSD and cPTSD August 2018

CRUSE Birmingham. Working With Grief. A toolkit. July 2018

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults July 2018

Transparency Refresher: Do’s and don’t’s and everything every family lawyer needs to be aware of. July 2018

PAUSE Lunch and Learn July 2018

Fathers Need Families Conference 2018

Coercive Control Conference Bristol 2018 June 2018

Theraputic Language 2 day course London June 2018

SOS Nottingham support Group May 2018

PAUSE staff meet BFTB meeting Bristol May 2018

St Johns Chambers Vulnerable Parties and Witnesses and the New Part 3A Bristol May 2018

Annual Training Advocacy Service Provision Taunton 2018

How to Lift Clients Depression training London May 2018 

Family Court, counsellor shadow exposure Kent May 2018

OCD training London May 2018

Healing Chronic Anxiety Training May 2018

Standalone Awareness Meeting with vulnerable adults April 2018

Poetry Workshop for Client Healing April 2018

Level 2 Safeguarding Children Training April 2018

Financial resolutions following public official accountability procedures Bristol March 2018

Advanced Safeguarding for Children April 2018

Identifying and using New models for Treating Suicidality Dr Galavan London March 2018

Advocates for Voiceless members of the Community Introduction Feb 2018

How Triple P Parenting can help struggling Parents course January 2018

Family Court:Should privacy trump accountability conference Dec 2017

Matchmothers Meeting London November 2017

Companies House First Time Directors Course Blackfriars August 2017

The Mandala Project Dorchester June 2017

PREVENT training in radicalisation 2016