Crisis Support Programme


This is a unique free one to one service with a specifically trained counsellor in the area of your needs. They understand. They will be by your side twenty four hours a day, every day of the week, for three months in order to get you through this most difficult time of your life. You can contact them day or night. They will always respond and they are there for you. They only take on a maximum of three clients at a time and you will be one of these.

In addition there will be a series of counselling sessions at regular intervals throughout the three month period which will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our counsellors are undergoing two year professional training with the Human Givens Institute and you must be aware of this when you receive counselling. You will be believed, educated, empowered, signposted, and supported to promote your recovery. All important information will be written down for you to keep as we go so that you have something to remind you of your goals.

If you have family support and wish them to be included in important messages and reminders, this can also be facilitated.

The most important factor in this service is you and your welfare. Our dedicated team will take the time to understand the specific issues that brought you to our service and help to guide you through the next steps of your life. 

Peer Support Programme


After the three month period of intensive support within the Crisis Support Programme it is hoped that you will have a full toolkit of coping strategies to carry you forwards. 

This is only the beginning of your journey. You will not ever be dropped from Back From The Brink. We hope you will join our family. 

At this point, you will be referred to a carefully matched peer support worker who is a volunteer and, just like you, has had to walk where you now tread.

They will be there in the capacity of a mentor and friend to further your recovery and ensure that you have a firm ability to function and do not ever feel abandoned.

They will stay with you for 6 months and be there for you to call on if you need a gentle reminder of how far you have come. They will touch base if they don't hear from you just to make sure you are alright. You can of course leave the service whenever you wish, and we will see this strength as an incredible achievement on your part, but this will be a gradual process, guided by you.

Survivor Support Programme


When you are fully recovered, and not before, it is hoped that you may wish to become a Peer Support Worker yourself. 

There is absolutely no obligation to do so, no time frame and no judgement if you do not want to do this. We will never ask you to volunteer as a mentor. It is for you to wish to participate. 

We will be just as comforted to know that you leave the service with the coping skills that enable you to adapt to your different life. 

Many of our clients want to contribute back into the Back From The Brink programme but do not feel confident enough to become a mentor. There are many more ways to show your support. Donations, fund raising and coming on board as part of the administration team are always other ways in which you can say ‘thank you’ but there is no pressure.

We are equally happy if you just need to walk away in order to continue with the successes you have created for yourself in your recovery. At Back From The Brink, we ALL understand this. Our success measure is that you are mentally and physically healthy and feel brave enough to tackle life again in whatever way you wish. 

Stand Alone Crisis Support Consultation and Psychotherapy

Back From The Brink operators will do all that they can to assist you immediately with an emergency even if you are not with our service. 


Please call or text the emergency helpline and leave a succinct message explaining your situation. One of us will contact you ASAP. 


You will receive an emergency consultation. It will be a stand alone therapy session, designed to swiftly and practically give you the coping strategies that you need to overcome the current situation.  In the extreme case of wishing to cause injury by means of (sometimes fatal) self harm please do not contact us. You should contact 999 immediately and seek urgent medical assistance. 

Stand Alone Crisis Support is available to parents and their family and friends who need assistance with supporting a loved one. 

There is no charge for this service.

For further details of when this service might be appropriate for you or a loved family member or friend, please click below or complete the Contact Us section.

 We are unable to endorse alternative therapies, however we do have a considerable number of alternative therapists who are aware of the issues within our remit. They are supportive to you and to the charity BFTB and are ready to work with you should you need a supportive non-judgemental familiar therapy in a more comfortable sphere.  Benefit may arise, for example in palliative relief, even where scientific efficacy of a medical effect has not been established. We can neither condone nor dismiss these therapies. Our priority is that you become well. Should you prefer alternative therapies under this circumstance you fall outside of the BFTB charity scope but we may be able to signpost you to you desired complimentary and alternative medicine choices for you to establish your own positive forward path.

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