Mrs Walker (Lost residency of 2)



"Thank you so much for this service. You saved me. There is no doubt that I would not be here if it were not for what you did in those dark months ... and on that day...... I shudder to think now what could have happened. What was I thinking?  Nobody will ever know and thank God I can at least still see my children now. I couldn't see the light and so you became my light. You guided me out of the tunnel of that dark time in my life.

May 2017

Anon. Barrister



I am pleased for [BFTB]. A Judge and I were recently discussing the matter and were trying to set up something but it is hard. There is a definite need for this service. I know that [BFTB] will trust my referrals for my most desperate of cases, even though technically I am not supposed to refer. At least I have SOMEWHERE to signpost them and I can trust they will be well catered for after proceedings. 

It is a huge relief.'

November 2016

A Anon (Alienated Parent of 3)


How can I ever thank you for the fantastic help and support. 

You have saved me from a very dark place and pushed me forward into the light. 

An invaluable service when it felt like my life was at an end you lifted me up. 

July 2018

Ms Marry (S. contact only of 1)


 You believed me. You told me everything. I could not believe it but it was what I was living in front of me so I didn't understand how could this happen to us? I thought I was going mad. Your voice was so reassuring and so sensible and practical. Suddenly it all made sense even though I didn't want to hear it. I could not have got through it. All of your lovely stories helped me to see things in a different way. You just saved me. And my mentor? She is a really good friend of mine now and we have even met over a cup of tea and a crème cake. We wear our hearts together. My words to everyone, YOU CAN DO THIS! I no longer feel like I am drowning. You were spot on. This is what it was like for me. I was being pushed under the water. You showed me how to swim. Thank you again. 

March 2018

Adoptive Mother 'Mandy' (of 1)


When I visit [my friend] in hospital the ward is full of young women who have had their children removed. They write their children's names on pieces of paper which my friend photographs and sends to me along with her son's name. 

It is a desperate situation... Many are driven to suicide.. 

I hope that we can work [with Back From The Brink and] with all involved in the system to create an approach to modern adoption that makes it an ethically sound policy where unintentional harm, when it is done, can be given serious consideration. I would like to see 'help seeking' made safe for parents like me and SG's who face many similar problems. I know all of our cases are different but really it is all the same. For birth mothers and for adoptive mothers and Special Guardians. It is grief that they cannot even be allowed because their loved children are not dead. It is the same eternal endless debilitating grief, a torture with no name. Torture for them all. It is so sad. 

July 2018

Anon from Child Sexual Abuse Charity



Thank you so much for being there as a group that we can call on for advice and support with the research work we do and for these people after they have told us [their story]……… . Now we have somewhere to refer people to who come to us desperate for help. Nobody else will help. I can’t believe it but that’s the truth. I don’t think there is anyone else really that can cope with this all. My wife and I both refer to you and both of us have had the same callers back thanking us for you. 

 March 2019

Historical Testimonials


Mrs Sheilds 2017


A little secret gem of a charity. We would be stuck without you because some of the tough cases we just can not handle. We don't have the knowledge to really get it or know what to say. We don't get them back again which is a good sign as it means they are OK with whatever you do with them.

Thank you. You are needed.

Mother (AT) 2018 Mentor and Helpline volunteer

I would be dead if I had not found you. You have changed my life. I cannot thank you enough. I will wear my necklace always and when I am ready I promise I will help you all. I want to be part of this. You are amazing. Thank you. 

Court Official, North of England 2016

I hand out your cards all the time. Its not nice to see them come in looking one way and they come out and they look like they have seen a ghost. It is bad to see. I just show them the card and I hope that they call you because I wonder what happens to them if they aint got anyone to call. sometimes they have to come back and I dont have to ask them. They say thanks. 

Parent (Anon) Voicemail 2019 New Mentor

Oh my God, you have literally changed my life. I cannot believe it. I have never done anything like that before. I've not heard of that Human Givens stuff before and I have had a lot of therapy and stuff but nothing like that. Like, I totally I am there. I really feel like, like I can do this, and not even cope, it is all different and so, like, it is all different now and I can see it all and I really feel like I can do it all. Like, I really can. I wish you could see the path like I can, like out of a just blackness, suddenly you showed me where to go and where the light is. Thank you. I can't wait to do the book and the art, and it is time for me to be me?; And to get really well and, like, I'm so excited about it and I don't know what to do with all of these new feelings {client laughs] and I just feel really good and I went to bed and I slept for the whole night and I feel really good and I just wanted to say thanks. I am not saying It's [going to] be easy but I know where I'm going? Do you know what I mean? Thank you so much. I have never had anything like that before. It was like I was really there and I sort of cannot remember a lot about it but I feel like I can go there. It is like I have a new part of my brain now? And I know where I am going. It is just brilliant. Wow. Why doesn't everyone do that? The Big Life Group never did that and they are supposed to be NHS. And I waited for 7 months and then they gave me 12 sessions and they did {Expletive}. Sorry but that's true. You really were with me and showed me what I need to do. Oh My God, I cannot believe it. I am feeling so excited. I'm just like (sigh) like, WOW. OK, this is crazy, I really can see things differently now. I am just like, wow. Like really, wow. 

Note: Client has now started a literacy group and a PTSD support group in her area which is well attended by 6 to 8 people every two weeks using the Meetup app to support attendance. She is also a mentor now for other parents.  

Journalist reporting on renowned psychotherapists notes of a National report by BFTB 2018

  "I have often read reports in The Telegraph about the dreadful failings of our Family Courts and the Kafkaesque results for innocent parents. I’m pleased we are addressing this and showing how [we] can even help in these tragic situations. A brilliant article"

Father of deceased parent 2015

All of our lives might have been different if we had known about you. We didn't have anyone to help us. We have lost our son and out grandchildren all at once and all so unfairly. Thank you for your kind letter. Thank you for doing this for other mums and dads. He just could not take it any more. I wish he had you then because back then we didn't know what to do. It was all so sudden but we didn't know what to do. It was so surreal. We will never get over it but we can cope now. Thank you for your help and if I can help at all please tell me what to do as I want to make this all for something. I don't want other mums and dads or grandparents to have to go through this alone. No parent should have to bury their son and have their grandchildren taken all at once. We have lost everything.