Terms and Conditions and Policies

Each Counsellor receives clinical supervision from a qualified supervisor. We will always protect clients identity. All work is to the highest ethical standards. Back From The Brink will only disclose information if necessary, for eg. if the person either Counsellor or client is at risk of harm we are then required by ethics to seek advice and guidance from other professionals. We would, of course, try to discuss this beforehand with you to obtain your assent.

We may also disclose information if there is a suspected case of child abuse or alleged child abuse, known or suspected case of adult or elder abuse.  If a Counsellor receives information, regarding a proposed or actual act of terrorism, he/she is required to share this with the police. Upon receipt of a subpoena, from a judge in a UK court of law, your Counsellor will be bound by British Law to release any information.