How Does It Work?


Getting a referral

To promote a quick, collaborative and effective working relationship which may launch into a support programme or signposting service we ask that you give us a quick call so that we can ascertain if we are the service for you. Alternatively, complete the form at the bottom of this page and return it using the end to end encrypted email address

 The questions are bold, detailed and to the point and will effectively ascertain your needs. You can omit as much as you wish but be aware that this may affect how much we can help you. All information is confidential according to our Terms and Conditions and will be professionally disposed of after 

 We are a self referral service. You must want to come to us for help, not be referred by a professional unless you are under DoLs or IMHA in which case we will accept professional referral.

Please note that we are aware of cases where breach of order has left people prosecuted for contempt of court. We are aware of the predicament of parents in this instance. If you are, or have been, in UK family court proceedings you should seek legal advice before sharing any information about your case to your therapist.

Therapy while you are in the care of Back From The Brink

 It is important not to accept therapeutic assistance from more than one source at a time to avoid ‘splitting’ and ‘transference’ issues. For that reason we will only be able to work with you psychotherapeutically if you are not already receiving psychotherapeutic treatment from a different source and have not done so for three months. The exception to this is if a client wishes to receive specific therapy and it is something that we cannot offer such as EMDR treatment or hypnotherapy for a discrete purpose.

At the end of your time with the service

There is no end real to the service of Back From The Brink. In some capacity we will always be here for you. It is hoped that you will naturally be able to begin to recover and walk again on your new path. We will be with you for as long as you need us and we hope that you will keep in touch and share your story with others in your own time either through testimonials of active support in the community or through Back From The Brink.

At the end of your time with the Crisis Support Programme and Peer Support Programme we ask that you complete an evaluation form which can be download below to help us improve our service.