What are the costs involved with Back From The Brink?


As people have come to learn of what we do, they have started to want to quietly help us to help you. Our supporters are from all walks of life and their desire to be part of the Back From The Brink community should fill your hearts with the knowledge that out there, people care. There are beautiful people everywhere. They are professionals in the industry, or from further afield. They are former service users, family members, friends, onlookers, or those we have approached. In the rare and sad cases, we are helped by those who have lost loved ones to the tragedy of stepping over the brink and who wish to prevent others from entering that place. All of our hearts are especially with these people. 

Fundamentally, our supporters, while as diverse as the people that they support are passionate about you, and helping you. They are all concerned for people in their community who have nowhere else to turn. They believe you and want to help you. Our hearts and thanks are with them.

Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated. It is a beautiful gift, thank you. You are funding: 

· emergency therapy for an unregistered suicidal parent 

· vital 24 hour consultation time for a registered client 

· CPD training on specific case management and legal child protection procedures

· Psychological therapy research and training 

· Psychotherapy and Liability Insurance, registration with ICO and affiliated organisations

· Web presence and communications with clients

· GDPR compliant data protection software programmes

· Volunteer expenses for administration and regulation

· Professional services e.g. accountancy and legal advice

· Utilities, equipment, travel to CPD events and organisational running costs

What will my donation buy?


If you wish to be part of our sponsor community then as a guide, here is what you will be funding:

£50 + will fund the management and training of staff and legal advice for dealing with clients

£50 will fund an hour of vital life saving therapy for a parent in crisis

£30 will fund the telephone line for a month for crisis clients 24 hour assistance

£25 will fund half an hour of discounted professional advice from third parties

£20 will fund travel to a CDP course for a counsellor

£15 will fund insurance for a counsellor for two months

£10 will fund the website for a month

£5 will fund legal cover and professional indemnity insurance for a week for all staff.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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