Becoming a Volunteer

Volunteer counsellor role 

People appointed to volunteer at BFTB should be able to meet, or have the potential to meet, the following criteria:

  • Be undertaking training for a BACP / UKCP accredited Diploma or MSc in Counselling or equivalent or to have already qualified.
  • Have a minimum of one year’s counselling experience (outside of the training setting).  Or to have a minimum of two years’ experience working with clients face to face, within a field such as mental health, domestic violence, substance misuse etc. There are exceptions to this where an individual feels they have experience and understanding of the impact to work with clients who have experienced CSA, family court, child removal or associated traumas. 
  • To have some understanding of the issues related to child removal.
  • To be available to commit to working as a BFTB Counselling Volunteer for a period of a minimum of three months post induction.
  • To make a commitment to see up to 3 clients per rotation with a commitment of flexibility in role.
  • To attend regular supervision of 1.5 hours monthly. 
  • To attend training sessions / workshops arranged through BFTB on an occasional basis. 
  • Be in therapy or have completed at least a year of personal therapy and be willing to return to therapy or counselling if it is thought necessary by the counselling supervisor.  
  • To be able to demonstrate a commitment to Equal Opportunities.

Please fill in the application form on the How Does It Work? section and email to

Volunteer Mentor Role

We value your commitment to assisting others as they pass along this road. Please speak to your counsellor who will discuss this very worthy next step with you. When ready, please complete the form on the How Does It Work? section and return to us. Thank you so much for your ongoing support.